Josh Smith

Engineer and Builder

As a Principal Advanced Manufacturing Engineer with 16 years of experience, I specialize in industrial robotics, process automation, CNCs, PLCs, Industrial Networking, HMI Development, machine vision, quality, and safety. My expertise lies in advanced aerospace manufacturing, encompassing laser cladding, in line inspection, NDT, networking, and data processing, with a track record of delivering over production work centers in factories across the country. Armed with an intense curiosity and unwavering drive to enhance manufacturing for the betterment of current and future generations motivate me. What sets me apart is my exceptional versatility, propensity for questioning assumptions, and dedication to delving into the core of problems to find innovative solutions.

In addition to my expertise in robotics, automation, and advanced manufacturing, I have extensive experience in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, including MQTT protocols and integrating IIoT solutions into manufacturing processes. Leveraging IIoT, I have successfully optimized production workflows, enhanced data-driven decision-making, and improved overall operational efficiency in various manufacturing environments.